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July 2010
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Day July 6, 2010

Troy Olsen has the iTunes Single of the Week

For the next seven days, US fans can nab a free download from EMI Records Nashville’s flagship artist Troy Olsen.  “Summer Thing,” the debut single from Olsen, is the iTunes’ Single of the Week.  The track is available for download, for free, from iTunes now through Monday, July 12. Click here to get the download.

Release of Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse’s “Dark Night of the Soul” commemorated with IFC.com trailer and Morrison Hotel photo exhibit

Next week’s release of Dark Night Of The Soul, the acclaimed album by Danger Mouse and the dearly departed Sparklehorse, will be commemorated by an exhibit of photography created for the project by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker and DNOTS contributor David Lynch. The exhibit, opening July 13 at the Morrison Hotel Gallery at Bowery and Bleecker in [...]

Apple Records catalogue remastered and reissued on CD and digital download

When it was launched by The Beatles in 1968 Apple Records made musical history right from the start as the label built an eclectic roster of artists such as James Taylor, Badfinger, Billy Preston, Mary Hopkin, Doris Troy and Jackie Lomax. Now, we’re very pleased to announce that Apple Corps Ltd and EMI Music are [...]

Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” is the NY Post’s Song of the Summer

Katy Perry and her track “California Gurls” has now conquered the hearts and minds of East Coast Americans!  Her homage (featuring Snoop Dogg) to the US West Coast was proclaimed the #1 song of the summer by a panel of music cognescenti assembled by the New York Post.   This is the second trip to the [...]

Kylie launches ‘Aphrodite’ in Ibiza

The wait is over – Kylie‘s new album ‘Aphrodite’ is now out! To mark the release of the album, her 11th studio set, Kylie was in the dance capital of Ibiza last night, July 5, for a launch event that included a stunning performance at the island’s legendary Pacha night club. The show included tracks [...]