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June 2010
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Day June 21, 2010

The Beatles as you haven’t seen them before

The Morrison Hotel Gallery is mounting a new exhibition featuring rare and intimate photographs of The Beatles’ first US tour in 1964.  According to Rolling Stone the negatives, taken by Curt Gunther, had been languishing in a briefcase for years in years in questionable condition.  Recently restored the photographs offer a glimpse into the personal [...]

Video premiere: Belinda “Egoista” featuring Pitbull

Catch the new video premiere “Egoista,” the hot single off Belinda‘s latest album, “Carpe Diem.” (Capitol Latin).  The clip and single features Cuban rapper Pitpull and a lot of fashion eye candy.

Kylie live in Italy

Check out the stunning performance by Kylie Minogue of her smash hit new single ‘All The Lovers’ at the Wind Music Awards last week in Verona in Italy. ‘All The Lovers’ is now out digitally everywhere. Kylie’s new album ‘Aphrodite’ is released in most of Europe on July 2, in the UK on July 5 [...]

Katy Perry steals the show at the MuchMusic Awards 2010

Katy Perry dazzled the crowds at the MuchMusic Video awards last night, June 20, in Toronto in Canada putting on a fun, creative and stylish performance of her current smash hit ‘California Gurls’. Watch it here with photos of Katy at the show: Katy herself clearly had a blast, tweeting afterwards: ‘Was definitely the funnest [...]