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June 2010
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Day June 18, 2010

Free Energy are mtvU’s latest freshmen

Philadelphia rockers Free Energy have just won this round of Freshmen on mtvU.  Videos in The Freshmen are chosen by fan votes, and the winners added to on-air rotation on MTV’s indie rock-centric network in the US. Their debut album ‘Stuck on Nothing,’ which was produced by DFA/Capitol’s own James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, is [...]

Snoop Dogg remixes Tinie Tempah’s ‘Pass Out’

Snoop Dogg has given his own Doggfather seal of approval to Tinie Tempah‘s huge UK chart topping hit ‘Pass Out’ by producing his own remix of the track. Check it out here: Both Snoop and Tinie will be playing at the Glastonbury Festival in the UK next weekend – Snoop on the main stage on [...]

EMI to reposition itself as a comprehensive rights management company serving artists and songwriters worldwide

Roger Faxon appointed EMI Group Chief Executive Following the recent successful fundraising for EMI Group from the Terra Firma funds and the clear expression of support for the business, EMI Group is pleased to announce the results of its strategic review into how EMI Recorded Music and EMI Music Publishing could best work together to [...]