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June 2010
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Day June 11, 2010

The Beatles lead EMI MOJO wins

Congratulations to all EMI Music’s winners at last night’s MOJO awards in London. The Beatles remasters project won Catalogue Release of the Year, Richard Hawley‘s ‘True Love Gutter’ was voted Best Album, Sigur Rós picked up the Outstanding Contribution to Music award, Roy Wood won the Classic Songwriter award, and there was a MOJO Medal [...]

The sun shines for Norah Jones in Central Park for GMA Summer Concert Series

The weather in NYC was much more cooperative today for Norah Jones’ Central Park show as part of ABC/Good Morning America’s Summer Concert series (after braving driving rain in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park earlier in the week).  As a warm up for Bonnaroo this weekend, her own headlining tour and dates at Lilith, she and her [...]