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May 2010
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Day May 18, 2010

New Guetta video premieres on Yahoo! today

The video for David Guetta‘s latest single, “Getting Over You” featuring Fergie, Chris Willis and LMFAO premiered on Yahoo! Music today. Check it out!

ACL Festival Line-up to include LCD Soundsystem, Norah Jones, Deadmau5 and Amos Lee

The line-up for the 9th Austin City Limits Festival, October 8-9, 2010 in Austin, TX  is out and included among the 130 musicians playing are headliners LCD Soundsystem and Norah Jones, as well as Deadmau5 and Amos Lee. Full list of  EMI artists at this year’s ACL: LCD Soundsystem  (Capitol/DFA)  Norah Jones  (Blue Note)  Deadmau5  (Parlophone, UK) Yeasayer (Mute, UK) Amos Lee  (Blue [...]

Philly Hip-Hop duo Chiddy Bang kick headlining US tour

Breakout electro inspired hip-hop duo Chiddy Bang has announced its first US headline dates.  This Philly duo will hit the West Coast on their the “Opposite of Adults” tour in support of their much-buzzed about first single and EP of the same title, both available now on iTunes.   Chiddy Bang hits the States after a successful 20 city [...]