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May 2010
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Day May 17, 2010

LCD Soundsystem’s latest gets 9.2 from Pitchfork

LCD Soundsystem‘s latest album, “This Is Happening” is out this week to great reviews.  Pitchfork gave it a stellar 9.2 — one of their highest ratings of the year — saying:  “it’s actually pretty perfect.”  Check out the review here and look for it in stores this week!

Scorsese announces George Harrison documentary @ Cannes

Martin Scorsese announced he’s finished shooting a documentary “Living in the Material World: George Harrison,” working in tandem with Olivia Harrison, the musician’s widow, along with Exclusive Media co-chair/CEO Nigel Sinclair.  According to Variety, the film is expected to be released in 2011. The film follows other Scorsese-helmed music-oriented films, including the Band (“The Last Waltz”), the [...]

Katy Perry to Perform at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards

“California Gurls” shot to #1 at iTunes US only hours after it was released, and now Katy Perry is set to perform the live debut of this hit summer anthem at the 2010 MTV MOVIE AWARDS.  The song is the first single from her upcoming album “Teenage Dream,”  slated for release beginning August 24 (US) and [...]

David Guetta video teaser

After premiering the track at this year’s Winter Music Conference in Miami, David Guetta has released a teaser for the new video to his track ‘Gettin’ Over’, a collaboration with Chris Willis and featuring Fergie and LMFAO. Check it out here: The original version of ‘Gettin’ Over’ is on David’s international smash hit album ‘One [...]

Kylie’s All The Lovers – listen now

It’s nearly time – Kylie‘s brand new single ‘All The Lovers’ will be available to download from June 13. But you don’t have to wait until then to have a listen, as you can check it out here right now: The video for the song, which was shot recently in Los Angeles, will be out [...]

The Squad presents Three Lions – new video

As announced last week, the greatest ever England football song, ‘Three Lions’, is back, re-recorded by ‘The Squad’. The video is now out. Watch it here:

Fans invited to design merchandise for new Iron Sky film

‘Iron Sky’ is a new sci-fi film due for release next year. Set in 2018 when, having fled into space in 1945 to hide out on the dark side of the moon, the Nazis return to claim the earth. It’s directed by Finnish director Timo Vuorensola and EMI has teamed up with the producers to [...]