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May 2010
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Day May 3, 2010

Good Times for Roll Deep as they top the UK charts

It’s been on the cards all week and now it’s official, Virgin Records’ Roll Deep have the new UK number one single with their brilliant tune ‘Good Times’ featuring Jodie Connor. This is the first chart topper for the East London collective and is richly deserved. Our congratulations to Roll Deep, and have another listen [...]

EMI Music appoints Dominic Pandiscia to a newly-expanded role as executive vice president, EMI Music Services

20+ year EMI veteran takes on leadership of EMI Music North America’s sales and commercial development team Pandiscia will continue to lead EMI Label Services’ global third-party artist and label unit and Caroline Distribution New York, NY, April 30, 2010 – EMI Music has appointed Dominic Pandiscia to oversee its Sales and Commercial Development team [...]