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April 2010
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Day April 26, 2010

Lady A’s album goes double platinum, single goes triple platinum

Lady Antebellum‘s sophomore album “Need You Now” was just certified double platinum in the US and the title track simultaneously achieved triple platinum status.  The album is now spending its 12th week at #1 on the Billboard Country albums chart as for the same stretch in the upper ranks of the Billboard Top 200, including [...]

Kings of Convenience: first North American tour in 5 years

Norway’s Kings Of Convenience will embark on their first North American tour in 5 years, in support of their acclaimed album, Declaration Of Dependence. Renowned for their captivating live shows, the duo of Erlend Øye and Eirik Gambek Boe play a unique brand of atmospheric acoustic pop, mixing gorgeous harmonies, gentle bossa nova inflections and [...]

Lionel Loueke: NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert

During a tour stop in Washington, DC, US radio network National Public Radio asked Blue Note Recording artist Lionel Loueke and members of his trio to record for their “Tiny Desk Concert” series.  The West African-born jazz guitarist obliged, squeezing into the tiny studio space with long time drummer/collaborator Ferenc Nemeth (but sans bass player).  [...]

Robyn joins EMI in the Nordic region

We’re very happy to announce that Robyn, one of Sweden’s most successful recording artists, has signed an exclusive deal with EMI Music for the Nordic region. Her much awaited fourth studio album, ‘Body Talk PT1′ will be released June 14. Robyn’s last album in 2007 was a huge success and featured the international hit single [...]