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April 2010
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Day April 19, 2010

Blur – ‘Fool’s Day’ free download

Blur recorded a new song ‘Fool’s Day’ especially for Record Story Day on Saturday (April 17). 1,000 7″ vinyl copies were pressed for UK record shops and have all now sold out but don’t worry if you weren’t able to get one – ‘Fool’s Day’ is available for free digitally. Blur manager Chris Morrison explains:  [...]

Tinie Tempah gets Frisky

The breakout story of the year, UK hip-hop’s newest superstar, London MC Tinie Tempah has announced that his second single, ‘Frisky’, the follow up to the monster hit ‘Pass Out’, will be released in June. Tinie recently debuted ‘Frisky’ on UK TV show Koko Pop which you can watch here. Having joined Chipmunk on tour [...]

Lady A clean up at the ACM Awards

Lady Antebellum‘s amazing year just keeps on getting better. Last night at the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas the trio won a stunning FIVE awards including Song of the Year and Single of the Year for ‘Need You Now’ and Top Vocal Group. Watch them here rehearsing and being interviewed just before [...]

Luz Casal honoured by Mayor of Paris

Luz Casal is one of the best loved artists from Spain and last week she was honoured with the Grande Médaille de Vermeil from the mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë. Our congratulations to Luz on this honour! Luz released her latest album, ‘La Pasion’ last November. Her 12th overall and first since joining EMI, the [...]