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April 2010
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Day April 14, 2010

In-stores, swag and vinyl in store at Record Store Day this weekend

This Saturday, music fans in many parts of the globe might find some extremely cool stuff in store for them:  it’s Record Store Day!  Limited edition vinyl, free stuff and in-store performances will be happening in 18 countries beginning Saturday at thousands of independent record stores. As reported earlier, in the UK, Parlophone’s getting into [...]

LCD Soundsystem “This Is Happening” album preview

LCD Soundsystem’s upcoming album, “This is Happening” is now available for preview at the band’s website.   Details on the album, out next month are here. LCD’s James Murphy & band have just wrapped a few secret shows in New York and are making their way across the US to be one of the headliners on [...]

Saving Abel performs USO concert on aircraft carrier

Rock band Saving Abel recently teamed up again with the USO for a concert in front of US troops.  On April 11th, the band was airlifted to an undisclosed location in the Pacific Ocean and boarded aircraft carrier the USS Carl Vinson as part of a USO concert at sea.  Spreading cheer to sailors returning [...]

US album chart rings to Slash, Lady A and Now! 33

Every Wednesday the new US charts are published and the great news this week is that three of the top five albums are releases from EMI Music. Slash‘s new self-titled set debuts at number three, Lady Antebellum‘s massive hit album ‘Need You Now’ is at number four, while the latest American installment of the blockbuster [...]