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April 2010
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Day April 8, 2010

Exclusive UK vinyl releases for Record Store Day on April 17

Saturday April 17 is Record Store Day. Over a thousand independent record shops across 18 countries in four continents are taking place to highlight the contribution of indie stores to music. EMI is producing a series of special releases that will only be available through participating retailers. In the US EMI is releasing exclusive John [...]

Hot Chip “I Feel Better” video: Pitchfork’s Director’s Cut

Hot Chip‘s video boy band send up has become an internet favorite, and it was an Interwebs connection which made it possible.  The band sought out British actor/comedian and power Twitterer Peter Serafinowicz (aka @serafinowicz) to direct the video after following his career and humorous tweets (recent gem:  “I like Justin Bieber but prefer his early work.”).  Pitchfork’s “Director’s [...]

Free Goldfrapp MP3 mix and exclusive iPod competition

With their new album ‘Head First’ having just debuted at number six in the UK, Goldfrapp have released a free MP3 minimix which gives fans a chance to win a very special Goldfrapp iPod. Go to the band’s website to register for minimix and then for a chance of winning the iPod with an exclusive [...]