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April 2010
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Day April 5, 2010

Celebs, sports stars rally around Luke Bryan in video

A viral video campaign helped get Capitol Nashville artist Luke Bryan a coveted nomination for the Academy of Country Music’s Top New Artist Award.  And now, for the second time, over 40 celebrities from top Country recording artists, to actors/actresses, comedians and professional sports celebrities, and yes, even a U.S. Olympian have joined forces to [...]

MTV on why David Guetta is ushering a new era of dance

Right on the heels of the biggest convergence of Dance Music in the world  – Winter Music Conference — on Miami’s South Beach, the artist/producer/DJ whose names were on everyones lips:  David Guetta. If you haven’t already caught the Guetta fever, check out this MTV piece on why he’s become one of the hottest collaborators, producers [...]

LCD Soundsystem adds more North American dates, previews video for “Drunk Girls.”

You think they’ll play “North American Scum” on this tour? In addition to their headlining date at the upcoming Coachella festival on April 16th, LCD Soundsystem has announced a series of North American headline dates in support of its forthcoming third album, This Is Happening, which will be released May 18 in the U.S. on [...]

Rosanne Cash delivers “Heartache by the Numbers” to Imus

Iconic radio/TV host Don Imus impressed us with his songwriting knowledge today when he had Rosanne Cash and her band on his show.  They did two great versions of songs from her latest album, ‘The List.”  Check it here. Watch the latest business video at video.foxbusiness.com

Dierks Bentley riffs somewhere in Mississippi in Esquire’s songwriting contest

The April issue of Esquire magazine invites Capitol Nashville artist Dierks Bentley (along with four others: Charlie Mars, Bob Schneider, Griffin House and Ben Kweller) to write, perform and record an original song.  The catch:  the song had to contain the phrase, “Somewhere in Mississippi.”  To put the musicians in the mood, Esquire invited them all [...]