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March 2010
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Day March 30, 2010

Title, cover unveiled for new LCD Soundsystem album

LCD Soundsystem have taken the wraps off the cover and announced the title for their upcoming album, “This is Happening.”  And yes, it’s supposed to show James Murphy sideways!  Album is out May 17th, May 18th in the US.

Chemical Brothers get ready to go Further

The Chemical Brothers have confirmed the release of their seventh studio album, ‘Further’, on June 7/June 8 (US) through Freestyle Dust/EMI. And for the first time the album will be released with films made specifically for each of the eight tracks. The films will be included on an iTunes LP and a special edition DVD. [...]

Listen to AIR live, from KCRW

The French duo Air visited the studios at trendsetting radio station KCRW in Santa Monica, CA , the day after their highly-anticipated performance at the Frank Gehry-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. “We have a love affair for music — it is our mistress.”  You can listen to their in-studio interview and live performance [...]

Laura Marling US dates

Laura Marling, whose new album ‘I Speak Because I Can’ is the highest new entry in this week’s UK chart at no.4, has announced a return to the US for a series of live dates in May. The tour kicks off in Chicago on May 4 and runs throughout the month taking her across the [...]