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March 2010
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Day March 25, 2010

Come and get it: free download from Eli “Paperboy” Reed

Come and Get It!  The buzz on Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed is getting louder!  Hear what all the fuss is about by getting a free download of his track “Explosions” from his debut on Parlophone Records, “Come and Get It,” coming May 10 in the UK (April in other territories and August in the US). Check [...]

Cypress Hill ‘Rise Up’

The brand new Cypress Hill video, ‘Rise Up’ featuring Tom Morello premieres March 29, but in the meantime here’s a sneak preview: The band’s new album ‘Rise Up’ is out April 20.

Empire Of The Sun unveil new video for ‘Half Mast (Slight Return)’

The ever flamboyant Empire of the Sun have released the video for new single ‘Half Mast (Slight Return)’. Directed by Nash Edgerton of The Director’s Bureau, Emperor Luke Steele has travelled to New York City for the shoot alongside Australian actress Teresa Palmer. Check it out here:

Music Matters – Kate Bush

As previously mentioned, the Music Matters campaign launched in London yesterday. As well as animated films on Nick Cave and Sigur Rós, there’s also this beautiful piece on Kate Bush: