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March 2010
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Day March 24, 2010

David Guetta to premiere new single and party anthem “Gettin’ Over You” with Chris Willis featuring Fergie and LMFAO during Winter Music Conference

Grammy Award winning DJ/Producer David Guetta will premiere his latest single “Gettin’ Over You” with Chris Willis featuring Fergie and LMFAO live this Friday during his set At Ultra at Winter Music Conference with a special live performance with Chris Willis and LMFAO.   The new single is an updated production of the album track “Gettin’ Over” [...]

Lady A, Gorillaz Continue Strong US Chart Performance

Capitol Nashville’s Lady Antebellum and their sophomore album, “Need You Now” show no signs of slowing, landing once again at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart in the US this morning in its 8th week on the chart, just before the band’s international release in coming weeks.   Here’s the band performing “American Honey” on the “Late [...]

Nick Cave, Sigur Rós show why Music Matters

Launched in London this morning was Music Matters, a collective of people from across the UK music industry, including artists, retailers, songwriters, labels and managers, formed to remind listeners of the significance and value of music. As this short video explains perfectly: A number of very impressive short animated films have been created for Music [...]

Goldfrapp go for the head

Goldfrapp, whose great new album ‘Head First’ is out this week, have just launched a new competition to find the most inventive, creative, original and amusing use of the cover artwork for ‘Head First’. Entries with the most votes will be judged by the band and the winners will recevie a framed and personally signed [...]

Pixies fans down under get instant live CD courtesy of Abbey Road Live

Alt-rock royalty The Pixies are currently in the middle of a tour of Australia and New Zealand  and thanks to the technical wizzadry of EMI’s Abbey Road Live unit, which is on the road with the band, fans are able to take home a high quality CD of the gig they’ve just seen on their [...]