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March 2010
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Day March 16, 2010

Hot Chip: inside their latest album

Combine home-made bits, a kitted out studio, more ‘real’ piano (Steinway!) and a sound they describe as more compact and cohesive (plus “long takes and “layers…lots of layers.”)  There you have it:  the broad strokes of a recipe for Hot Chip‘s latest album, “One Life Stand” according to a chat band members Joe Goddard and Al [...]

Snoop Dogg – superhero!

Hip-hop icon, Creative Chairman of EMI’s Priority Records, and now superhero. Yes, on March 23 Snoop Dogg will release ‘More Malice: Deluxe Album and Movie’, combination album and 40 minute mini-movie starring Snoop as a superhero on a mission to save his city. In the film, Snoop plays super crime-fighter ‘Malice’ who is striving to [...]

Primary Wave and EMI Music sign North American distribution and JV agreement

First release slated for June 2010 from Oklahoma rock artists Taddy Porter New York, March 16, 2010 – Primary Wave, the music publishing, marketing and artist management firm, has entered into an agreement with EMI Music’s Label Services unit for North American distribution for Primary Wave’s label.  The two companies will also release select artists [...]

Support Pump Aid and receive free Corinne Bailey Rae MP3

Donate to Pump Aid to help provide clean drinking water in Africa and receive a special MP3 from Corinne Bailey Rae. More information through the widget below and details on how to get the widget here. > Donate to Pump Aid to help provide clean drinking water in Africa and receive a special MP3 from [...]