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March 2010
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Day March 9, 2010

Ben Harper Launches on Hulu in the US, BH&R7 Launch “Live from Montreal” CD/DVD

In celebration of today’s CD/DVD release of Ben Harper and Relentless7 “Live from the Montreal International Jazz Festival”, Hulu (available in the US) has launched the Ben Harper and Relentless7 channel featuring a limited screening of the entire Montreal DVD and a collection of dozens of music videos and live performances. “Live from Montreal” is [...]

Gorillaz’ “Plastic Beach” is out! New iTunes LP avail in US, “Stylo” Breaks YouTube Record

Gorillaz‘ ‘Plastic  Beach’ is out! The physical “Experience Edition” of ‘Plastic Beach’ includes such bonuses as a ‘Making of Plastic Beach’ DVD, ability to stream live Gorillaz performances, and a special access card unlocking a world of exclusive and interactive online content to be revealed over time. In the US, the iTunes LP version of Plastic Beach [...]

Tinie Tempah tops the UK singles chart

Huge congratulations to EMI Music/Parlophone’s UK rapper Tinie Tempah whose massive single ‘Pass Out’ debuted at number 1 in the UK this week. Tinie’s eagerly awaited debut album is due for release this summer; ahead of this he’ll be playing the following dates over the next few months: 50 Cent Tour 20 March 2010 @ [...]