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February 2010
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Day February 26, 2010

Celtic Woman and Internet Sensations PS22 Choir from NYC Rehearse for Radio City

Celtic Woman, preparing for their date at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall, headed to Staten Island to pay a visit to another group of stars:  the choir from Public School 22, whose online videos have garnered an audience of more than 15 million.  The talented kids, who’ve performed on MTV, on ABC Nightline and even [...]

V V Brown Hits the US

Capitol Records recording artist V V Brown is taking the US by storm! She gave a dazzling performance of “Shark in the Water,” a track off her upcoming album, “Travelling Like The Light” ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Show and later, visited with Studio360 Host Kurt Anderson for an in-studio performance (click below).

Gorillaz – Superfast Jellyfish

Just over a week to go until ‘Plastic Beach’ is released but in the meantime you can check out new track ‘Superfast Jellyfish’ on the official Gorillaz YouTube listening post here.