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February 2010
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Day February 24, 2010

Gorillaz Plastic Beach HQ now live

Explore it here: http://gorillaz.com/

The Beatles win “Artist of the Year (International)” at Japan Gold Disc Awards

TOKYO, FEBRUARY 24, 2010 – The ceremony of the 24th Japan Gold Disc Awards, sponsored by RIAJ (Recording Industry Association of Japan), was held today, and The Beatles won “Artist of the Year (International)”, one of the grand prizes of the award. Artists are awarded based on the total net sales value of their albums/tracks [...]

The Beatles lead Japan Gold Disc winners

Congratulations to EMI’s winners at this year’s Japan Gold Disc Awards which were held earlier today. The Beatles were named International Artist of the Year, one of the top honours of the evening, while Norah Jones‘ ‘The Fall’ won the Jazz Album of the Year award and Sarah Brightman‘s ‘Amalfi’ won the Classic Album of [...]