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February 2010
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Day February 16, 2010

Eli “Paperboy” Reed confirms album release for May

US soul sensation Eli “Paperboy” Reed has announced that his brand new album, ‘Come And Get It’ will be released in the UK by Parlophone Records on May 10. With two independently released albums already under his belt, ‘Come And Get It’ is Reed’s major-label debut. For a taster of the new album, here’s Reed [...]

Robbie Williams in space

The video to Robbie’s new single ‘Morning Sun’ has premiered on his website. The clip, most of which takes place in space, is yet another collaboration between Robbie and director Vaughan Arnell who has been behind so many iconic Robbie videos including ‘Angels’, ‘Rock DJ’, ‘Feel’ and, most recently, ‘Bodies’. Watch it below, and don’t [...]

Gorillaz ‘Stylo’ video trailer

Is out. And you can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/user/gorillaz?blend=1&ob=4

Try out the new Eliza Doolittle game

Play with Eliza and friends, and get a high score and maybe win a prize. Find it here: http://elizadoolittle.com/game/