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January 2010
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Day January 26, 2010

Corinne Bailey Rae – One Young World exclusive performance, February 8th, 2010

On Monday February 8th the world gathers in London, with over 100 countries sending delegates to the One Young World Summit (www.oneyoungworld.com). This is the first time that young people from across the globe have been brought together to discuss the major issues facing the next generation and over three days, 8 – 10 Feb, [...]

Robbie Williams’ new single ‘Morning Sun’ will be the official Sport Relief single of 2010

‘Morning Sun’ is released on March 8 with all record company profits and artist royalties from UK digital single sales of the track going to Sport Relief Robbie Williams, who celebrates 20 years in the music industry this year, has given his new single Morning Sun to Sport Relief as their official charity single for [...]

Robbie song to be official Sport Relief single

The new single from Robbie Williams, ‘Morning Sun’, has been confirmed as the official single for Sport Relief 2010. Released on March 8, all record company profits and artist royalties from UK digital single sales will go to Sport Relief. “I’m very happy to donate my time to help Sport Relief and I thank my [...]

Chiddy Bang – new video from the kings of the basement party jam

Described by some bloggers as a ‘hipsters wet dream’, themselves preferring ‘kings of the basement party jam’, new EMI signing Chiddy Bang release their debut single ‘Opposite of Adults’ next month, and the videofor this former Radio 1 record of the week is now out. Sampling MGMT’s ‘Kids’ (they all went to the same school), [...]