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January 2010
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Day January 6, 2010

Barenaked Ladies sign worldwide deal with EMI Music

New album ‘All In Good Time’ in stores March 30 Los Angeles, CA (January 6, 2010) – Acclaimed multi-platinum pop-rock group the BARENAKED LADIES and their label Raisin’ Records have signed an exclusive worldwide deal with ­­­­­­­EMI Music’s Label Services unit and are gearing up for the March 30th release of their 11th studio album, [...]

Title Sports Drink and Snoop Dogg team up to host Snoop Bowl VIII

Snoop’s annual youth football league game for charity will feature Snoop’s famed “Snoop Dogg All Stars” Aaainst a celebrity coached team from South Florida (January 6, 2010) Los Angeles, CA – Entertainer and hip hop icon Snoop Dogg has announced that his eighth annual “Snoop Bowl” will be played in South Florida on February 6, [...]

Katy’s got glamour

Look who’s the cover star of the latest edition of the UK’s Glamour magazine – it’s the ever glamourous Katy Perry. The ‘modern day pin-up with a brain’ says the mag. We couldn’t agree more!

EMI to release 2010 GRAMMY nominees CD

We’re proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with The Recording Academy in the US to release the 2010 GRAMMY Nominees CD on January 19. The album highlights 20 of the nominees for this year’s GRAMMY Awards at the end of January, including tracks nominated in many of the most widely recognised award categories including [...]