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December 2009
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Day December 15, 2009

Lionel Loueke Receives USA Fellowship, Unveils New Album Details

United States Artists (USA), the national grant-making and advocacy organization, has named guitarist Lionel Loueke the recipient of a 2009 USA Fellowship. The recipients were announced last night at a ceremony in Los Angeles at which Loueke performed. The USA Fellows program annually awards fifty unrestricted grants of $50,000 to artists of all disciplines who [...]

Depeche Mode confirmed for Teenage Cancer Trust concert in London

Depeche Mode have announced that they will perform at London’s Royal Albert Hall on February 17 to kick off the Teenage Cancer Trust’s 10th series of gigs at the world famous venue. It will be the band’s first ever performance at the Royal Albert Hall and promises to be a sensational end to their acclaimed [...]

Sick Puppies ready for a fight

Sick Puppies‘ hit single ‘You’re Going Down’ appears on the soundtrack to WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 computer game, and this Friday (18th) the band will go one step further to connect with fans of the wrestling game by logging into Xbox Live, under the tag ‘SICKPUPPIESband’ and taking on all comers. The band will [...]