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December 2009
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Day December 9, 2009

Guvera Limited Signs Deals With EMI Music & IODA for 2010 US Launch

Guvera will help advertisers engage with consumers by providing free and legal music downloads NEW YORK, Dec. 9 — Guvera Limited, a search website for free music and digital content provided by brands, announced today a partnership with EMI Music and IODA, offering consumers free, legal downloads from their full music libraries. The announcement comes [...]

Best albums of the year

The Sunday Times in the UK published its annual countdown of its top albums of the year. EMI Classics showed its strength in the classical genre with five albums, more than any other label, chosen by the paper’s critics as being the best of the year. And who are we to disagree: Antonio Pappano – [...]

EMI partners with new digital music service from Guvera

Just announced out of the US is a new license deal between EMI and Guvera who are planning an interesting new approach for engaging with music consumers with free, licensed downloads. Here’s the full announcement: Guvera Limited Signs Deals With EMI Music & IODA for 2010 US Launch GUVERA WILL HELP ADVERTISERS ENGAGE WITH CONSUMERS [...]

The Muppets’ ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ will be released as a single

It’s been a massive viral hit over the last couple of weeks – The Muppets take on Queen’s classic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ as only The Muppets could – and now, after nine million video plays and counting, the song will definitely be released as a single, both in audio and video formats. In the UK the [...]

VEVO premium video service launch

Following on from the announcement of the partnership between EMI and premium video service VEVO earlier this week, VEVO marked the soon to be happening launch of its premium music video service US and Canada last night at a star-studded launch. CNET have some pictures of the event where the guest list included artists such [...]