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December 2009
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Day December 8, 2009

EMI will release a new Pet Shop Boys EP, ‘Christmas’

On December 14 (December 15 in the US) EMI will release a new Pet Shop Boys EP, ‘Christmas’. Tracks are: It doesn’t often snow at Christmas (new version) My Girl All over the world (new version) Viva la vida/Domino dancing My Girl (our house mix) ‘It doesn’t often snow at Christmas’ originally was an exclusive [...]

The Faces of Mars

Thirty Seconds To Mars, releasing their great new album ‘This Is War’ today, have revealed the ‘Faces of Mars’ for the album’s cover. Fans, musicians, artists and other associates have leant their own face for individual album covers. Thousands of Faces of Mars album covers are now in stores worldwide along with the set’s original [...]