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November 2009
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Month November 2009

Robbie Williams on track for eighth number one studio album

The wait is finally over as Robbie’s new album, ‘Reality Killed The Video Star’, is now out. It’s been less than two days and it’s already number one at iTunes in 16 countries and is currently topping the UK midweek chart. Here’s the full story: ROBBIE WILLIAMS IS ON COURSE TO SCORE HIS EIGHTH NUMBER [...]

Switch to Automatic

Welsh rockers The Automatic have signed a sales and distribution agreement with EMI Label Services for their great new album ‘Tear the Signs Down’ which will be out in February. The full announcement is below, and here’s the video for their new single ‘Interstate’: THE AUTOMATIC SIGN SALES AND DISTRIBUTION DEAL WITH EMI LABEL SERVICES [...]

The Automatic sign sales and distribution deal with EMI Label Services

The Automatic return with their brand new single Interstate on 7th December 2009, marking the start of a whole new chapter for the Cardiff-based quartet. Following a three year rollercoaster ride which saw the release of two albums (Not Accepted Anywhere and This Is A Fix) and a string of top 40 singles, they return [...]

Hockey faces off with CMJ crowd at Spin Magazine Exclusive Rooftop Party

Hockey, the Portland, Oregon-based indie dance/rock band rose above the cacophony of New York City’s CMJ Music Festival by playing in front of an influential crowd at Spin Magazine’s Rooftop party.   The band had a lower Manhattan crowd dancing when they tore through a set of hits from their debut album, “Mind Chaos.” Check out [...]

Katy Perry to MTV European Video Awards Audience: “Ich bin ein Berliner!”

Katy Perry got her “Caberet” on last evening as host of the MTV European Video Music Awards from Berlin. The starlet songstress and fashionista did not disappoint, regaling the crowd with over the top fashion and a charming performance. Check out some of her outfits here: bit.ly/2iExil Her opening number paid homage to several of [...]

EMI Music launches Abbey Road Live, a new live music recording and production service

Abbey Road Live offers fans the opportunity to purchase high quality recordings of music events, instantly, at concert venues Recordings will be made available in range of formats including CD, DVD and digital devices or via secure digital delivery to home computers or mobile handsets London, November 4, 2009 – EMI Music is this week [...]

Abbey Road Live launches

EMI is very pleased to announce the launch of Abbey Road Live, a brand new live music recording and instant production service so you can pick up a recording of a live show, on a number of formats including CD, DVD, usb and digital delivery to computers and mobile phones. Recent tests of the service [...]

Alice in Chains perform smash hit “Check My Brain” on Conan

Check out Virgin Records’ rockers Alice in Chains’ performance of their smash #1 Rock hit, “Check My Brain” off their latest album, “Black Gives Way To Blue.”  The band stopped by NBC’s “Late NIght With Conan O’Brien” on Friday, Oct. 30th before hitting Europe and the UK for their upcoming tour.  Click here to view. [...]

Hear the new Robbie Williams album right now

Can’t wait the week until Robbie’s amazing new album ‘Reality Killed The Video Star’ is out next Monday? Fear not, as Robbie is streaming the entire album for free from his website – three tracks a day, all week. Listen now.