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November 2009
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Day November 11, 2009

EMI Music strengthens executive team with key appointments

Shane Naughton appointed Chief Financial Officer Kyla Mullins joins as General Counsel LONDON, 11 NOVEMBER 2009 — EMI Music today announced the appointments of Shane Naughton to the position of Chief Financial Officer and Kyla Mullins as General Counsel. Both will become members of EMI Music’s Executive Committee and will report to the company’s Chief [...]

Get Your Country On Tonight

Tonight is country music’s biggest night, when ABC broadcasts the Country Music Awards live from Nashville, Tennessee. EMI’s Capitol Nashville roster will be well-represented, with Keith Urban nominated as Entertainer of the Year and for Album of the Year for his latest, “Defying Gravity.”  He’s also featured in Brad Paisley’s nomianted Video of the Year. Keith [...]

Peek behind the scenes at Lady A rehearsing the song they’ll do live on the Country Music Awards tonight.

Check out Lady Antebellum rehearsing their song, “Need You Now,” which this terrific trio will perform on tonight’s Country Music Awards (live from Nashville, on ABC).  This clip shows Lady A getting ready to perform the song at Keith Urban’s recent “All for the Hall” benefit for the Country Music Hall of Fame last month.   (Look [...]

New Hot Chip Track!

Hot Chip are back!  And the folks at Pitchfork are featuring the band’s new track, “Take it In” from Hot Chip from their upcoming album, One Life Stand,” out in February.  Listen here.

Rosanne Cash in ABC Primetime chat on “The List,” her father and her education

Rosanne Cash talks about the origins of her latest album, “The List,” on ABC Primetime this week.  The albums songs were culled from a list of songs every performer should know that her father, Johnny Cash, made for her when she was 18.  “He called it my education.”  Watch the clip here.

Robbie Williams – video for ‘You Know Me’

As his new album shoots to the top of the charts around the world, the video for Robbie's fantastic new single, 'You Know Me' is now out. It features Robbie in a fairy-tale world as a furry, fluffy-eared dancing rabbit. Check it out here: