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November 2009
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Day November 10, 2009

Hungama Digital Media partners with EMI Music for the digital distribution of its catalogue in South Asia

Mumbai, November 10, 2009: South Asia’s largest digital entertainment company, Hungama Digital Media Pvt. Ltd, today announced a strategic alliance with EMI Music in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The agreement covers the distribution across multiple digital platforms and formats, via internet and mobile. As EMI and Warner Music have a licensing partnership covering [...]

EMI in major South Asian digital partnership

We’ve just signed a new deal with the leading Indian digital entertainment company Hungama bringing EMI’s music to online and mobile platforms in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The digital environment there is evolving and developing so rapidly it’s great for us to be partnering with such a key player there. Here’s the announcement [...]

Robbie Williams on track for eighth number one studio album

The wait is finally over as Robbie’s new album, ‘Reality Killed The Video Star’, is now out. It’s been less than two days and it’s already number one at iTunes in 16 countries and is currently topping the UK midweek chart. Here’s the full story: ROBBIE WILLIAMS IS ON COURSE TO SCORE HIS EIGHTH NUMBER [...]

Switch to Automatic

Welsh rockers The Automatic have signed a sales and distribution agreement with EMI Label Services for their great new album ‘Tear the Signs Down’ which will be out in February. The full announcement is below, and here’s the video for their new single ‘Interstate’: THE AUTOMATIC SIGN SALES AND DISTRIBUTION DEAL WITH EMI LABEL SERVICES [...]