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October 2009
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Day October 26, 2009

Priscilla Renea — Inside her upcoming debut album, “Jukebox”

Singer/songwriter Priscilla Renea’s aptly-named new album, “Jukebox,” presents a debut work that encompasses a broad range of styles and souncs and subjects:  from R&B to pop to rock.  Out in the US on December 1.  Go behind the scenes for a preview here:

Alice In Chains announce October 27 release for Black Gives Way To Blue iPhone app

Unique interactive app features full songs, “hidden gems,” videos, news, more; allows fans to connect via Facebook, Twitter, email Lead single “Check My Brain” maintains no.1 spot on Billboard top rock songs chart Band to perform on “The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien” October 30 Los Angeles, CA (October 26, 2009) – ALICE IN CHAINS [...]

New Alice In Chains application launches tomorrow

Alice In Chains have unveiled an amazing new application for the iPhone and iPod Touch – videos, music, photos, news tour information, sharing with other fans, integration into Facebook and Twitter, buying tickets and merchandise and all sorts of cool stuff. The application will go on sale from tomorrow. Watch this for a demo:

Norah Jones sneek peek

Norah Jones’ new album ‘The Fall’ is out next month, and to whet those appetites she’s produced this teaser for the soon to be out video for the first single, ‘Chasing Pirates’: