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October 2009
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Day October 21, 2009

Norah Jones on “Dancing with the Stars”

Norah Jones was the special guest musical performer on ABC’s highly-rated “Dancing with the Stars” last evening. Here she does a track off her new album, “The Fall,” out in November, plus the title track from her debut album, “Come Away With Me.” Click here to watch.

Air on vinyl

Air have announced that their fantastic new album, ‘Love 2′, is going to be released in a deluxe vinyl box set created by the band, their art director Laurent Pinont, and the folks at The Vinyl Factory. But don’t hang around, the numbered set will be limited to just 300 worldwide.

Robbie back in the record books

Robbie Williams played a storming set at London’s Roundhouse last night, his first live concert in three years, and in the process he set a new world record for the most simultaneous cinematic screenings of a live concert. Congratulations!