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October 2009
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Day October 19, 2009

EMI & Virgin Classics artists shine at Germany’s Echo Classics Awards

DRESDEN, 19 OCTOBER 2009 — EMI Classics is proud to announce that its artists won ten out of twenty two awards at Germany’s ECHO Classics Awards ceremony which took place on October 18th in Dresden’s Semperoper, returning to the venue in which the awards ceremony was first held 15 years ago. The ceremony included performances by [...]

EMI Music and David Guetta launch exclusive iPhone application

App creates a mobile community and transforms iPhone and iPod Touch into a remixing tool for David Guetta’s hits PARIS 19th OCTOBER 2009 — EMI Music and French multi-platinum, chart-topping artist, producer, DJ and entrepreneur David Guetta have launched the first official David Guetta’s application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Through the app, fans [...]

Behind the scenes at Capitol with Snoop Dogg: the making of the cover and album packaging for “Malice in Wonderland”

David Guetta iPhone app

Get closer to top DJ/artist/producer/entrepreneur David Guetta with this ace new iPhone/iPod Touch app. Always have the latest info on what he’s up to and have a go at remixing your own version of his hits: watch?v=r2K0qMjuNYM&feature=player_embedded

Latest Robbie Williams podcast out now

The second Robbie Williams podcast, featuring footage of him singing his current single ‘Bodies’, rehearsal footage and other goodies, is now available exclusively through iTunes. Check out Robbie’s website for more information and you can download the podcast from iTunes here.