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July 2009
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Day July 22, 2009

EMI Music expands global digital capabilities with key appointments

San Francisco, July 22, 2009 – EMI Music has announced a number of senior digital executive appointments within its central marketing organization and in its regional marketing teams. These executives – whose backgrounds include experience in music, technology and consumer brands like Google, Tesco and BSkyB, as well as with online retail and political campaigns [...]

Twista storms the top of the album charts with ‘Category F5′

Twista’s second no.1 album EMI Label Services delivers its fourth no.1 hip-hop/urban album (July 22, 2009, New York, NY) – The pride of Chicago, platinum-plus and Grammy-nominated hip-hop veteran TWISTA, has stirred up another unstoppable summer storm out of the Windy City, as his sixth studio album, CATEGORY F5, released last week on Get Money [...]