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June 2009
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Day June 19, 2009

Alice In Chains – brand new album ‘Black Gives Way To Blue’ released September 28

UK headline show: London Scala on August 4 *sold out* Amazing video for A Looking In View Alice In Chains’ first new studio album in more than 10 years will be released on September 28. The band and producer Nick Raskulinecz (Rush, Foo Fighters) began recording last October at Studio 606 in Northridge, CA and recently [...]

Air will release their fifth studio album, ‘Love 2′, in mid-October 2009

Internationally revered French electronic pop duo AIR (Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Nicolas Godin) , will release their fifth studio album Love 2 in mid-October. It is the follow-up to 2007′s acclaimed Pocket Symphony, and the first production to emanate from, Atlas, their very own state-of-the-art recording Studio. Nestled in the leafy backstreets of northern Paris, Atlas [...]

Iron Maiden’s Flight 666 lands at No. 1 …Globally!!

Following on from the hugely successful screening of Iron Maiden’s award-winning film Flight 666 in over 500 digital cinemas in 42 countries worldwide in April, the recent release of Flight 666 on DVD has secured another global triumph for the band by flying into the music DVD charts at Number One in 22 countries already, [...]