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March 2009
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Day March 6, 2009

Black Hole Recordings and EMI Label Services team up for UK & Ireland sales and distribution

LONDON, 6 MARCH 2009 – EMI Music and leading indie label Black Hole Recordings are pleased to announce a new sales and distribution agreement for physical releases in the UK and Ireland. The Dutch company is one of the top names in electronic dance music with its 10 imprints home to a roster of artists [...]

Pet Shop Boys release their tenth studio album “Yes” in the US on April 21 on Astralwerks

One of the most iconic and influential pop acts in the world, Pet Shop Boys return with their tenth album and first for Astralwerks on April 21, 2009. In a career spanning over 2 decades, the duo of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe have created some of the most beloved and recognizable hits in the [...]