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February 2009
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Day February 18, 2009

Autographed guitar from EMI’s post-Grammy® event to be available for auction

Proceeds to benefit Stand Up for a Cure Gibson Melody Maker guitar signed by artists including Grammy winners and nominees Coldplay, Katy Perry, Lady Antebellum, Flex, Herbie Hancock, Jaguares, Trace Adkins, Keith Urban and more offered for auction at charitybuzz.com Los Angeles, CA, February 18, 2009 — A guitar autographed by some of the world’s [...]

Lily Allen online game passes 2 million plays as single & album top the music charts

The online game, “Escape the Fear”, by Matmi promoting Lily Allen’s single and second album, has just passed 2 million plays at the same time as the single and album top the music and iTunes Store charts in the UK, US and numerous other countries worldwide. The game has kicked off a series of No.1s [...]