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January 2009
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Day January 22, 2009

Keith Urban “Defying Gravity”

All the rumors can finally be put to rest, as Keith Urban has given his forthcoming March 31st CD release a name. “Defying Gravity” will feature Keith’s 18th Top 10 single “Sweet Thing.” “I’ve always approached making records as a journey where I just have to let myself go,” said Urban. “If the conditions are [...]

EMI’s Music Services unit adds sponsorship and merchandise capabilities; outlines global offering and senior team

Peter Palmer joins EMI to lead global merchandising Violet Gonzalez appointed to new sponsorship role in North America Los Angeles, California, JANUARY 22, 2009: Ronn Werre, President of EMI’s new Music Services unit, today announced the appointment of merchandise and sponsorship experts and confirmed the senior members of his worldwide team. EMI Music Services’ mission [...]