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January 2009
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Day January 12, 2009

NOW That’s What I Call Music (1)

For the first time EVER on strictly limited-edition CD, the world’s biggest compilation series sees the re-release of the very record where it all began… Now That’s What I Call Music (1). Today, Now…, on it’s 71st instalment as well as a variety of spin-offs and worldwide editions, consistently reaches number 1 on the compilations [...]

War Child announce ‘Heroes’ full tracklist and artist lineup

The album will be released on February 16th War Child announce the full list of artists and songs that feature on their new album ‘Heroes’, released on Parlophone on February 16th. The album concept is that the biggest legends in music history select one of their personal favourite songs from their own songwriting canon, and [...]

In the pop collaboration of the year, Pet Shop Boys team up with producers Xenomania for their new studio album ‘Yes’ which will be released on Parlophone on March 23

The single Love Etc is released on March 16 In what is surely the pop collaboration of 2009, PET SHOP BOYS have teamed up with the hit production team Xenomania (Girls Aloud, Sugababes, Gabriella Cilmi etc) for their new studio album, Yes, which will be released on March 23rd. Pet Shop Boys, who will receive [...]

New State Entertainment join forces with EMI for UK distribution

After the unfortunate collapse of Pinnacle Entertainment, leading UK independent label group New State Entertainment (New State) are proud to announce a UK distribution deal with EMI. New State was formed in 1996 to fulfil the increasing UK demand for dance-based compilations. Formulating product ideas utilising co-directors Tom Parkinson & Tim Binns background in A&R [...]