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January 2009
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Day January 6, 2009

Blue Note 70/25

EMI’s Blue Note Records kicks off global celebration of 70th anniversary of label and 25th year since label relaunch under legendary music exec Bruce Lundvall 2009 anniversary events to highlight the music, imagery and legend of Blue Note via special digital and physical re-issues and releases, an all-star tribute band, book releases, concert events and [...]

Lady Sovereign brings new venture, Midget Records, to EMI Music Services for UK and US

January 6, 2009, New York, NY – Hip-Hop artist Lady Sovereign has entered into an agreement with EMI Music Services to distribute her new label, Midget Records. EMI Music Services will handle physical and digital distribution for Midget in the US and UK markets, with the first release being Lady Sovereign’s upcoming album, “Jigsaw,” out [...]

Röyksopp announce new album for spring 2009

Norwegian duo Röyksopp, Svein Berge & Torbjørn Brundtland, announce the release of a new album for Spring 2009. Following their million selling debut Melody A.M. released in October 2001 and the acclaimed 2005The Understanding, Röyksopp will release the new studio album on 23rd March 2009. As always the Bergen-based band have written, performed, arranged, mixed [...]