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December 2008
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Day December 9, 2008

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus sets tour dates through March 2009

New single You Better Pray hits alternative radio and MTV2; RJA fans get free download of album track Pen & Paper on official website Second Virgin album Lonely Road released Feb 3rd NEW YORK, N.Y.— For Virgin Records platinum-plus rockers The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, a busy holiday season is only getting busier in the two-month [...]

EMI Music and Diageo launch new partnership with the definitive collection of music used to advertise Guinness®

LONDON, 9 DECEMBER 2008 — To mark the 250th anniversary of the signing of the lease by Arthur Guinness on the famous St James’s Gate Brewery, EMI Music has teamed up with GUINNESS owner Diageo Ireland to release Guinness 250 – Music from the TV ads, a special commemorative album featuring 17 of the most [...]