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November 2008
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Day November 13, 2008

International jazz star Avishai Cohen joins the Blue Note family

PARIS – 13 NOVEMBER 2008 — EMI Music’s Blue Note label is proud to announce that its French team has signed a worldwide deal with charismatic bassist/composer/singer & band leader Avishai Cohen. Born April 20, 1970 in Israel, this extraordinary and eclectic artist is widely considered to be one of the biggest new stars on [...]

Capitol Records Nashville makes big impact at 2008 CMA Awards

Four nationally televised performances, a coveted award and a celebrity-filled after-party underscore Capitol Records Nashville’s reputation as one of country music’s most successful labels Label celebrates the night at Mr. Coffee-sponsored post-CMA party at Nashville hotspot Lime NASHVILLE, TN – Nov 13, 2008 – The 42nd Annual CMA Awards, billed as “Country Music’s Biggest Night,” [...]