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October 2008
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Day October 27, 2008

High School Musical 3: Senior Year Original Soundtrack (OST) becomes the fastest selling soundtrack in the UK since records began

Sales of Walt Disney Records’ release, through EMI Music, of the High School Musical 3: Senior Year Official Soundtrack on October 20th have already gone Platinum in the first week, making it the fastest selling soundtrack in the UK since the official sales chart began in 1994. In 2006 and 2007, High School Musical 1 [...]

EMI Music enters into agreement with InMotion

InMotion’s airport-based Media Hotspot kiosks in US will feature key EMI Music albums and singles for sampling and purchase New York, NY, October 27, 2008 – Under an agreement between EMI Music and InMotion Entertainment, music fans can now buy and download music directly to portable devices at major US airports. InMotion, the US’s largest [...]

Police riot van has been officially ‘Pimped’!

MTV UK, EMI and Metropolitan Police service hand over pimped riot van to youth charity XLP London, October 27th 2008: MTV UK, EMI and the Metropolitan Police have today revealed the revamped police riot van that has been pimped for London based youth charity XLP. The unique partnership aims to engage with young people to [...]