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October 2008
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Day October 7, 2008

Spotify announces licensing deals with labels including EMI Music and upcoming launch

Innovative subscription and ad-supported music streaming service unveiled All four music majors and leading independents on board Spotify announces a series of licensing deals with music companies including EMI Music, Universal Music Group, Sony BMG, Warner Music Group, Merlin and The Orchard for their content to be included in the new digital music service. Spotify [...]

Depeche Mode sign worldwide exclusive deal with EMI Music – to include the US for the first time

Agreement expands EMI label Mute’s decades-long relationship with multi-platinum electronic music vanguards Depeche Mode to release new album in April 2009, followed by first-ever stadium tour in May LONDON, 7 OCTOBER 2009 — EMI Music is thrilled to announce that it has signed an exclusive worldwide deal with multi-platinum recording artists Depeche Mode. EMI Music’s [...]

Deluxe edition of Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’ scheduled for November release

Two-disc set, Viva La Vida – Prospekt’s March edition, features eight previously unreleased tracks, including a collaboration with Jay-Z; Prospekt’s March also available as EP North American tour resumes October 20th; Coldplay confirmed as musical guest on “Saturday Night Live” October 25th And the band yesterday won two major awards at the Q Magazine Awards [...]