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August 2008
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Month August 2008

Katy Perry’s long hot summer

I Kissed a Girl a SEVEN-WEEK US Billboard No. 1 and a No. 1 UK smash hit; Hot N Cold, new single, will be performed on Today Show One Of The Boys turning Into the global new artist breakthrough album Of 2008 Best New Artist & Best Female Video nominations for MTVs 2008 VMAs NEW [...]

Mark Ronson extends worldwide relationship with EMI Music Publishing

LONDON, August 11 2008 – Multi-award winning songwriter, producer and multi-platinum artist Mark Ronson has extended his global co-publishing agreement with EMI Music Publishing. The 32 year old, recently named Best Male Artist at this year’s BRIT Awards, has signed a new long term deal with the company to represent his existing catalogue as well [...]

Bobby Valentino inks distribution, marketing & promotion agreement with EMI Global Music Services

Release Slated for Fall 2008 on Valentino’s New Blu Kolla Dreams Imprint Atlanta, GA: August 6, 2008 – Million-selling R&B recording artist Bobby Valentino has entered into a distribution agreement with EMI Global Music Services – EMI Music’s third party and independent label unit. EMI will distribute Valentino’s new Blu Kolla Dreams imprint in the [...]

EMI and Typhoon sign new music agreement

LONDON, 4 AUGUST 2008 — EMI has entered into a new agreement with its joint venture partner Typhoon covering their recorded music activities in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Hong Kong and Taiwan. Under the new agreement, which is effective immediately: EMI has agreed to sell to Typhoon its stakes in their two joint [...]

EMI Music, MTV UK and Metropolitan Police Service ‘Pimp’ to help reduce youth violence

“This project will go and meet young people on their turf and support them in making wise lifestyle choices.” (Patrick Regan, XLP) London, August 1st 2008: In a unique partnership MTV UK, EMI Music and the Metropolitan Police Service have joined forces to transform a former police riot vehicle into a mobile youth resource. This [...]