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June 2008
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Day June 12, 2008

Orange launches Musique Max in France with EMI’s music

On 12 June Orange is launching Musique Max, the market’s fullest unlimited music download service for PC and mobile Over a million titles available for downloading, in partnership with France’s top four music majors (EMI Music France, Sony BMG, Universal Music France and Warner Music) and two independent labels (Believe and Scorpio Music) Downloads to [...]

EMI Music Publishing extends its partnership with award winning rock songwriter and producer Brian Howes

New York, 12 June 2008 – EMI Music Publishing, the world’s leading music publisher, has extended its global agreement with hit Canadian producer and songwriter Brian Howes. The exclusive co-publishing deal will see EMI Music Publishing represent Howes’ extensive catalogue of songs around the world. Howes has recently penned songs with artists including Puddle of [...]