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May 2008
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Day May 28, 2008

MXTabs.net Partners with EMI Christian Music Group, Sony/ATV and Alfred Publishing

MADISON, Wis. – Musicnotes, Inc. announced today it has recently reached new agreements with music publishers EMI Christian Music Group (EMI CMG), Alfred Publishing, Sony/ATV and several additional publishers and administrators to make guitar, bass and drum tablature for songs in their catalogues available on MXTabs.net. Under the new agreements, guitar and drum tablature (a [...]

Download EMI Music on the go with MEDIAnywhere’s music download kiosks

LONDON, 28 MAY 2008: Millions of airline passengers are now able to download music from EMI artists on the go as MEDIAnywhere’s music download kiosks have opened for business in Italy’s Fiumicino airport. The international airport in Rome has become the first to feature the kiosks, with many more of Europe’s major airports soon to [...]