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March 2008
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Day March 31, 2008

Raphaël’s new album, ‘Je sais que la terre est plate’, enters the French charts at number one

31 March 2008 — Je sais que la terre est plate, the fourth studio album from EMI Music France artist Raphaël, has debuted at number one on the official French Ifop album chart with first week sales of 72,248. Released on Monday 17 March by EMI’s Delabel imprint, the album is also number one in [...]

EMI Music supports launch of TDC’s new Danish mobile and broadband digital music service PLAY

31 March 2008 — TDC, a leading provider of communications solutions in the Nordic region, today launches a new, ground-breaking music service that offers their Danish mobile and broadband customers unlimited access to music downloads from renowned local and international acts, without additional charge. Three of the world’s major music companies and a large number [...]

EMI Music Japan’s Utada Hikaru returns to the no.1 spot with 5th album

Tokyo, 31 March 2008 – Japanese superstar Utada Hikaru’s new album HEART STATION, which debuted at #1 on the current official Japanese Oricon album chart, was today confirmed to have sold 480,000 units in its first week, more than any other studio album this year. HEART STATION is Utada’s sixth consecutive release to debut at [...]