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February 2008
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Day February 14, 2008

EMI welcomes McCreevy announcement to restore balance to copyright term

Responding to today’s proposals by Commissioner Charlie McCreevy to extend the term of protection for sound recordings from 50 to 95 years, EMI Chairman Guy Hands said: “We welcome today’s proposals by Commissioner McCreevy. If implemented, these measures are excellent news for thousands of artists, many of whom rely on income from sound recordings for [...]

Iron Maiden Live After Death enters the UK charts at number 1

World tour ticket sales break box office records; Within Temptation added to UK stadium bill; Sky News coverage of Iron Maiden in India; Channel 9 coverage of Australian tour 14 February, 2008 — Iron Maiden’s year has got off to a roaring start with the February 4th release of the band’s long-awaited DVD Live After [...]