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February 2008
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Day February 5, 2008

Grammy winning band OK Go and New Orleans funk/soul trombone outfit Bonerama team up for ‘You’re Not Alone’ to benefit New Orleans musicians displaced by Katrina levee failures

5-song EP set for February 5th exclusive release via iTunes Special pre-release shows set for New Orleans & Washington, DC This Mardi Gras (February 5th), OK Go and Bonerama will release You’re Not Alone, a five-song digital EP. OK Go spent the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina recording with the New Orleans soul trombone band [...]

EMI Christian Music Group anounces AT&T to sponsor TobyMac and Jeremy Camp “Boomin’ Beyond Measure” spring tour 2008

KLOVE/AIR1/AT&T/EMICMG partner to send winners to tour date at Six Flags NASHVILLE, TN, 5 February 2008 – EMI CMG today announced that AT&T will be the presenting sponsor of the “BOOMIN’ BEYOND MEASURE” tour with multi-platinum and award-winning BEC Recordings and ForeFront records’ artists Jeremy Camp and TobyMac. Kicking off this week, February 6th in San [...]