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February 2008
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Day February 4, 2008

Ingrid Fliter’s Chopin recital marks EMI Classics debut

CD: 5099951489922 (physical) – UK Release: 7 April 2008 Digital EP1: 5099951489953 (Released: January 2008) Digital EP2: 5099951489854 (Release: April 2008) iTunes Exclusive: 5099951952952 (Release: April 2008) Ingrid Fliter, the sensational Argentine pianist and winner of the prestigious Gilmore Award, has recorded her debut CD, a Chopin recital, under an exclusive contract with EMI Classics. [...]

Alphabet engage fans with voice blogging

SpinVox Blog allows band to update website with text ‘in the moment’ LONDON, 4th February 2008: As Alphabeat bring their infectious blend of feel-good pop to UK audiences with their first ever national tour, fans can keep up with the band’s activities while they are on the road via a regular tour blog posted on [...]

Martha Argerich and Friends ‘Live from the Lugano Festival 2007′

UK release: 3 March 2008 5099951833121 (3 CDs) 5099951833251 (digital download) “These annual live sets from the Lugano Festival are one of the delights of the year.” (Observer) EMI Classics is pleased to release the latest installment of highlights from the Martha Argerich Project at the Lugano Festival. This is the fifth annual 3-CD set [...]