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December 2007
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Month December 2007

EMI Music earns 52 Grammy nominations

Capitol Nashville’s Dierks Bentley Earns 4 Nods, The Clark Sisters, Sabine Meyer and Sir Simon Rattle Tapped with 3 Beastie Boys, The Beatles’ “Love,” Terence Blanchard, The Chemical Brothers, Hank Jones, Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers, Dave Koz, TobyMac Grab Two Each Other Nominated EMI Music Artists Include Lily Allen, Pepe Aguilar, Corinne Bailey [...]

EMI Music Japan launches its official mobile download site “MOBAEMI” on three mobile carriers on 3rd December

EMI’s catalogue to be available in “Chaku-Uta®” “Chaku-Uta Full®” “Chaku-Movie” and “Chaku-Voice” formats Tokyo, 3rd December, 2007: EMI Music Japan has today launched its new official mobile download site “MOBAEMI” on NTT docomo’s i-mode and Softbank Mobile’s Yahoo! Mobile (Y!keitai). MOBAEMI, which will also be available on KDDI’s EZweb from 6th December, offers consumers a [...]